Sinkholes Repair is necessary when ground soil loses its integrity.

Typically, a lot of water is accumulated in the soil and it emits carbon dioxide which causes a reaction resulting in decaying vegetation. This makes the water acidic. Once it seeps into the soil and there is limestone or other soluble material present it can break down. This break down causes a void. As the void grows the surface area can collapse and thus a sinkhole is formed. There are a myriad of other factors that can create sinkholes, but this is the basic idea.

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Ms Taylor

Glen, Thank you to you and your crew. I'll be happy to recommend your services in the future.

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I want to take this opportunity to put in writing our deep appreciation regarding our sinkhole remediation. We want to thank you for all of your hard work. The work reflected quality, and attention to detail. The project was done in a timely and efficient manner making the disruption of our life move as smoothly as possible. The crew was professional, courteous and highly skilled. It was a big project and we are delighted with the result. We would recommend Foundation Stabilization Inc. without reservation.

Edmund Kaufold

The next question generally asked is “How do I know if I have a sinkhole?” Look for the following symptoms of sinkholes:

  • Small cracks or holes in the ground – driveway sinkhole repair is a common solution as we spot these holes most often in driveways.
  • Cracks, voids or gaps in a foundation – typically we advise clients that the cracks need to be at least ¼” wide to be considered as we diagnose foundation sinkhole repair strategies.
  • Inground pools that randomly lose water – also look for clues like buckling stucco or pieces coming up from the bottom or walls of the pool as signs of a sinkhole problem.
  • Wet spots or standing water in the yard is a sure sign something is going on. Lawn sinkholes repairs can include excavation, grout, and added soil.
  • Structural integrity – cracks in walls, floors, sinking structures, fences, out buildings are early warning signs that you may have a sinkhole repair in your future.

The remedies, how do you fix a sinkhole? Timing is important, you need to get a sinkhole specialist out to look at the area. A combination of grouting, added soil and rocky material, or man-made stabilization techniques are employed.

With 21 years in the industry, Poly Foundation Solutions understands the challenges surrounding homeowners when it comes to sinkhole repair. Our sinkhole repair experts can help you every step of the way, from initial inspection all the way through the often confusing paperwork and reports.

Your homeowners’ insurance provider may require validation of a sinkhole via a geological engineer report. One of our experts will be available to make sure you understand the information provided to you along with remediation recommendations.