Manufactured steel foundation systems that consist of a central shaft with one or more helix shaped bearings plates with an axial position parallel to its shaft make up a helical pile. Brackets and an extension shaft can be used to extend the pile so it can be attached to a competent load bearing soil as well as achieve the required depth and capacity. These deep foundation solutions are the go-to option when space and soil conditions prevent excavation as helical piles simply thread into the ground.

Helical piles have been used for foundation repair applications since the 1830’s in England. They were used as moorings and to stabilize foundations of lighthouses. Now, helical piles are included in the International Building code because of their versatility in both their product materials and installation.

Typical uses for helical piles include tiebacks, retrofitting underpinning, new construction, foundation stabilization, and foundation repair. Helical piles have many residential and commercial uses, specifically when the foundation repair calls for caissons, driven piles, or mini piles. When foundations have been exposed moisture repeatedly, the soil has been deemed unstable, or the overall construction has been determined unfit.

Foundation repair is necessary when:

  • Windows & doors are hard to open “Sticking”
  • Gaps in window and door frames appear
  • Interior walls show cracking over ¼”
  • Nail pops are visible in walls and ceilings
  • Walls and floors buckle
  • Chimneys are leaning
  • Visible cracks in foundation or basement walls

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