Water Intrusion is uncontrolled water movement into areas of structures where it is unwanted. Water intrusion is a serious problem that can result in extensive damage to the structure. It can also lead to adverse health conditions and compromised indoor air quality. Structures leak when the following are present:

  • A Breach – a way for water to enter the structure
  • A Presence – water in a structure
  • Water Movement – forces present to move water into a structure

Water intrusion can occur during natural events such as storms, floods, tornadoes or hurricanes. Man made events such as broken pipes, damaged material or spills can also cause water intrusion. Water intrusion can also be caused by foundation failure, settling, sinking, and other structural deficiencies.

Elevator Shaft Water Intrusion

Quick steps to minimize the chances of water intrusion:

  •  Clean out roof drains & gutter
  •  Make sure roof flashings, vents, and penetrations are sealed properly
  •  Check to make sure water drainage on the roof and around the building are working properly
  •  Window seals and door gaskets are checked for proper fitment
  •  Inspect plumbing systems and other major systems for leaks or damage
  •  Look for signs of existing water damage

It is important that as soon as changes are noticed in the structural integrity of the building, that it is inspected and corrected. Correction can be as simple as concrete restoration, or complex such as pressure or compact grouting.

Poly Foundation Solutions has over 21 years’ experience inspecting and correcting water damage in one of the most susceptible areas in the United States. They have seen water intrusion as a result of natural, man made and structural failures. Their staff of geotechnical engineers and foundation specialists can inspect your structure and work with you to come up with the best, most economical course of action to remedy water intrusion damage to your structure. They also will work with you when filing insurance claims.