Chemical grouting, a form of permeation grouting is best suited for sandy soils and areas above compaction grouting. Chemical grouting uses acrylamides, polyurethanes, acrylates, epoxies and sodium silicates grouts to fill the gaps in granular soil binding the particles together. This process increases the soil bearing capacity.

There are several types of chemical grouting Poly Foundation Solutions uses such as, compaction grouting for void filling and sinkhole remediation to shallow slurry grouting for slab stabilization and under sealing. Specialized seawall, joint, and pipe sealing grouting solve water intrusion issues and control erosion.

Developed in the United States in the 1950’s, Compaction Grouting has been the standard used to remediate settlement issues. A low mobility cement is injected through injection points that are drilled at specific angles. This allows grout to fill voids in the foundation increasing the density of the soil and ensures stability of the structure. It is an effective solution to remediating sinkhole formation.

The biggest difference between compaction grouting and Slurry Grouting is that slurry grouting is used to stabilize soils by solidifying and binding the fine particles together while compaction grouting is used to densify the soil. Typically slurry grouting is used in shallow applications where the voids are at 10-20 foot depths.

Seawall, Joint, and Pipe Sealing Grouting requires the grout to withstand movement. In this application, the chemical grout needs to maintain flexibility. There is no need to dry the crack because the grout reacts with water to create a seal.

Why use Poly Foundation Solutions for Chemical Grouting?

  • With 7 different track-mounted drills the professionals at Poly Foundation Solutions are capable of accessing 30” or 36″ wide doorways and confined spaces, minimizing the removal of doors and fence gates.
  • Poly Foundation Solutions takes many precautions to protect your commercial, landscaping and vegetation while the installation takes place.
  • Poly Foundation Solutions only purchases the best grout material from certified, independent grout suppliers insure the highest quality product for your project as well as independent verification of quality, times and amounts.
  • All of our personnel is factory trained and certified.
  • We require our personnel to undergo drug and background testing before stepping foot on a clients’ project.
  • It’s important our clients understand their project from start to finish, our personnel walks through every part of a project with the home owner.
  • We train all of our personnel to respect commercial property.
  • In an effort to reduce environmental impact, all of our equipment has rubber tires, treads, or rubber mats.
  • To minimize any mess, our crew covers windows, doors, or anything necessary; clean as they go.
  • Businesses can remain open during the project, we are careful to keep traffic areas clean and free of debris.

In addition to chemical grouting, we offer a wide variety of other foundation repair and geotechnical construction services, including:

  • Concrete Restoration
  • Helical Pile Installation
  • Resistance Pier Underpinning
  • Pre-Construction Piling
  • Pressure Grouting

To find out more about chemical grouting and the other foundation services available from Poly Foundation Solutions for Tampa, Pasco County, Miami, Orlando and all of Florida, contact us today.