Sinkhole grouting also known as deep permeation grouting is a geotechnical procedure used to stabilize unsteady ground, increase its capacity to bear large loads, fill underground voids or to prevent water intrusion. Pipes are placed three to five feet apart in the soil and inserted until they reach the fracture, collapsed, or limestone. The depth of these pipes can vary throughout the project site.

A slump slurry is forced through the pipes blending with the soil filling in the voids creating a soil that is strong and compact. It is important during this process for the geotechnical engineer to monitor the structure for movement.  The pressure is also monitored to ensure that remediation is complete.

With 21 years of experience in the industry, Poly Foundation Solutions possesses the appropriate skill set to complete the project properly, professionally and with extreme precision. Our sinkhole remediation experts monitor the entire process careful to ensure that your home is protected from any debris. Once complete, our foundation specialists carefully remove the pipes to prevent any damage to your landscaping.